e-Service which electronic platform operators must know!

2021-10-09 11:26:21

e-Service which electronic platform operators must know!

effective date of the law on 1 September 2021 onwards.


Which entrepreneurs have to pay tax through the VES system?

  1. e-commerce business such as eBay, Amazon, and others.
  2. Business that earns from membership system such as Netflix, Spotify, Disney Plus, and others.
  3. Businesses that act as middlemen in the delivery of products and services, such as Agoda, Booking.com, and Traveloka, among others.
  4. Intermediary or peer-to-peer (P2P) enterprises, such as Airbnb.
  5. Business that earns income from media or advertising such as Facebook, YouTube, Google, and others.


*Tax collection on foreign online platform providers; currently, tax collection is taking place in many nations with operators who come to provide services in their country to achieve justice and equality. As a result, a global tax collecting system that is consistent with the fast-evolving digital world.


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