VAT for Electronic Service

2021-09-06 08:01:00

For online platform providers from abroad
Conduct e-Service tax transactions through the VES system or
VAT for Electronics Service

3 Steps through VES

1st Step: Registration Registered through VES system click
Entrepreneurs must prepare documents for registration.
- Company Registration Certificate (English version)
Indicate the year of establishment and the country in which it was founded.

2nd Step: Submission After registering for the VAT, entrepreneurs have to monthly submit
avalue-addedtax form (P.P.30.9) from 1st – 23rd of following month via VES system.

3rd Step: Payment
Pay tax within 1st – 23rd of the month of submitting the value-added tax form
Payment method:
- Transfer to the Revenue Department account.
- Credit card

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